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Horse Owner By Accident Dragged His Mare Tied At The Back Of His Truck!

Helen Kelley has been shocked the moment she saw her neighbor dragging his horse around with his pickup truck. It happened in Stafford Springs, CT, and the woman managed to make a few pictures which show how the horse was tripping and falling to the ground. It has been a horrible scene made by the 86-year-old Culver Modisette, the owner of the unfortunate horse.

Helen was screaming to him to stop the truck because he is going to kill the poor animal. Morisette had another story to tell. According to him, his mare was making problems and there wasn’t an easy way to solve his desperate situation.

He said that he found his mare at his neighbors who have a stallion and he could not retrieve her in an easy way. That’s why he had to tie her to his pick up truck… he did not know what else to do and he just wanted to get her to her stable as it was time for her breakfast. The old man claimed that he had no malicious intent.

Morisette stopped and cut the rope the moment he heard Kelley’s screaming and took the mare home by hand. There has been an investigation over the case. However, no changes were filed because the mare was not injured and Morisette’s actions were not malicious. Take care of your horses!

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