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GLOBAL NEWS: MSC Armonia with 1,800 Passengers Onboard Crashes Into Dock In Honduras (VIDEO)

This incredible footage shows cruise ship MSC Armonia ramming into a Caribbean port causing structural damage to the dock and to the lower part of the huge tourist vessel in what appears to be an awful attempt at ‘parallel parking’. The incident took place at around 8am on April 10, at the port of Roatan, one of Honduras’ Caribbean Bay Islands. Following yesterday’s mishap, marine investigators are trying to determine the cause of what happened. According to local media, the MSC Armonia was approaching the pier at excessive speed, estimated to be around 20 knots (23 mph). Around 1,800 passengers were on board. Video footage shows that the port anchor was in the water as it approached the bay.

Eyewitnesses said that the starboard anchor was also deployed at some point during the docking. In the video, the cruise ship is seen approaching the port at speed with its port anchor dropped. As it slowly turns, the bow cuts through the pier as port staff run out to witness the accident. No one was reported as injured during the cruise crash. An investigation into the accident is underway. The causes of the incident are currently unknown. In a statement, the MSC Cruises said damages to the ship remain ‘very limited’. A spokesman said: ‘Following repairs yesterday, the ship was cleared by Honduran Port State Control authorities to continue her journey. The ship is fit to continue her voyage and on schedule for the next port call. The itinerary is not affected.’ The company stressed that the passengers and crew were not at any risk during the incident, although the vessel left port slightly later than scheduled. However, the dock was repaired overnight and is already being used by the next vessel.

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