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Biker Father Gets 40 Years for Killing His Daughter’s Pedophile Molester

AUTHORITIES IN THE US state of Texas say that a father who caught a man trying to sexually abuse his four-year-old daughter punched him in the head repeatedly, eventually killing him.

Jay Manor, the loving father of a Julia Maynor, will be serving 40 years in prison for killing the man who abused his daughter for years.

Jay shot dead Raymond Earl Brooks, who sexually abused Julia, as a child, for years.

What’s worse is that Brooks was Julia’s maternal grandfather! I wouldn’t be unnecessarily politically correct. I’ll just say it out. For a father, killing the man, who sexually abused his daughter for years, is one of the most natural and instinctive things to do!

Yet Jay got a 40-year sentence for that!

So, why was that? Because, in this case, things aren’t as straight-forward as they seem. At the time of the incident, in 2016, Julia was 24 years old. Brooks had pled guilty to his crimes, 14 years ago, back in 2002. He served little over 2 years in prison.

14 years later, Julia mentioned something about the abuse “out of anger” to Jay.
Jay just hopped on his motorcycle, went to Brook’s house, and shot him dead in his yard! We don’t know what Julia really said about the abuse. Guess, we’d never know. However, about the incident, Julia said,


What do you think she may have said? Why do you think Jay killed Brooks after all these years? Do you think that a 40-year sentence is still justified?

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