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Horse Throws Riders Into Stream Because They Were Too Heavy For Him!

A rookie couple spent the embarrassment of their lives riding a horse like all experts, but everything got out of control. The video showed the moment in which a couple suffered an accident after riding a horse during a tour of a nature reserve in the United States.  The horse was struggling, made a sudden movement and ended up throwing the couple into the mud.

With the help of a rider, the couple aboard a wild horse was guided to cross a mighty river ; nevertheless, the nervousness of the beast caused that it slips and in its tried to accommodate itself, threw to the pair doing them to spend a shameful moment in Facebook.

A romantic evening for a couple on a horse became a hilarious experience as they fell spectacularly into the water, after the mammal avoided falling into the deep lake. Facebook’s viral video showed the moment when they climbed out of the river very ashamed and only managed to clean the mud off of themselves.

Unfortunately, the woman took the worst of it after falling from the saddle of the horse on the muddy river, since it was impossible to get up without the help of her husband, who rushed to her call for help. In addition, in the background of the video you hear the friend recording mocking and laughing at the unexpected outcome.

Viewers of the video on social networks did not hesitate to criticize the couple for their obvious overweight issue and understood the tragic reaction of the horse. “Poor horse, should come with a load limit”, “obviously they are too big for that horse”, “Poor horse, too much weight”, can be read on social networks.

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