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Men With Guns Photgraphed While Shooting At Horses

Mustafa Sabankaya has been out with his horses and that day was another regular day for them. He decided to take a few pictures of his lovely creatures and just enjoy with them in the beautiful day. He had no idea of what was going to happen next…

Three unidentified men with guns showed up out of nowhere and they approached Sabankaya and his horses. They were standing near Sabankaya’s fence when they’ve leveled their guns towards his horses. The unfortunate horse owner managed to photograph those men while they were shooting at his horses. The trespassers left Sabankaya’s property after making few shots.

Sabankaya has been really upset, although his horses haven’t been hurt. He was lucky to see them alive and immediately posted the photos and contacted law enforcement. At this moment, the California Department of Fish and Game is investigating illegal hunting in the area. Hopefully, they’ll find those vicious men before they make more damage.Take care of your horses!

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